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Advertise: Paid To Click
15 seconds web view  
   500 clicks $2
   1000 clicks $3
   2000 clicks $6
   3000 clicks $9
   4000 clicks $12
   5000 clicks $15
10.000 clicks $30

Advertise: Paid To SignUp

Buy international referrals/signups
$0,30 per signup/referral

Advertise: Text Link AD

Always visible text link (max. 7 words)
    1 week $3
    2 weeks $5
    1 month $10
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Advertise: Buy Banner Ads
120x60 STATIC Bottom Banner
Always visible (integrated in footer or left side)
    1 week  $4
    2 weeks  $7
    1 month  $10
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Banner or link exchange
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